i got these questions from tumblr

sorry if there were so many misspelling words.. ;/////;

1) Favourite subject?

I really love my school stuff. I think it’s really cool to bring many things and organize it. Everyday i bring my notebook and a novel. I wrote/read it when i’m alone. Being nerd is my way, i think (lol)

2) Worst studying habit?

I usually study at my bed, it makes me easily feel sleepy or bored. Now i have problem about concentration, so i make typos and wrong mark. It  makes all my anwer gonna be wrong and it’s annoyed me!

3) Favourite study snack?

Candy! Because candy doesn’t have to bite or chew. I can enjoy my study.

4) Favourite song on your study playlist?

Instrumental. My favorite is accoustic. If i want to hear raining voices, i usually visit here or here. When i junior high school, i played soundtrack for studying, but now i don’t like it anymore -,_- 

5) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?


6) Worst study advice you’ve been given?

My teacher give many bad marks and remedials. I pretty sure that i’ve answer all of the questions with correctly. I know she give me bad marks because she doesn’t like me for i-dunno reason. It’s so unfair!!

7) Are you a procrastinator? Most extreme procrastination technique?

Sometimes i did. I’m doing my homework 30 minutes before study begins. Don’t worry, now i’m diligent and being a big boss for myself 😀

8) Is school/uni/whatever your number one priority?

Yes, i guess so.

9) What time do you study at?

After Subuh pray and after Isha’ pray. It’s good if you are studying after pray, i feel empty and relaxed. 🙂

10) Favourite studying method?

Listen when teacher explaining, try questions or examples, making note, read again, repeat. I make my notes beautidul with highlighter and pencil colour 8)

11) Where do you study?

 living room and

…my desk :>

my desk


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